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Safe opening required in Brighton?

If you have a safe with valuables in that you need to gain excess to urgently but you have lost the keys/combination or the lock has failed – Safe Locksmith Brighton – AW Master Locksmiths can help!

Most people think that once a safe has had its keys missing it is no longer any use but we have different methods of opening the safe so you can get access to your valuables and possibly reuse the safe.

Firstly we would try and pick the safes lock or if a combination safe we have methods of determining your safes combination. Maybe you know the safes combination but it is not opening? This is could be a number of things, the dials have been dislodged or the safes code was originally set wrong, in worst cases the safes lock wheels or levers have completely jammed and in these cases we would more than likely have to drill the safes lock to gain access.

Call our safe engineer in Brighton now for urgent help gaining access to your safe: 07817 170327

Safe moving/relocation in Brighton?

Here at Emergency Locksmith Brighton – AW Master Locksmiths in Brighton we have a specialist team who have many years’ experience in moving large Brighton safes. Using traditional methods that are cost effective and do not require heavy machinery or stair walkers we are able to carefully move your safe to another property.

If you have flights of stairs that require the safe moved up and down, our specialist team have a means of doing this also.
Maybe you have just moved house in Brighton and you would like to take your safe with you? Most removal companies will not take your safe as it is bolted down and they do not have the means to unbolt it or even to get it onto the van.

Call AW Master Locksmiths for any safe in the Sussex area with a cash rating from S1EN14450 for up to £2,000 to safes all the way up to Grade 5 that has a cash rating of £100,000 – We can help!

Call now for a free survey on moving your safe in Brighton & Hove; 07817 170327

Installing a safe in Brighton

If you have just purchased a safe and would like it installed in your house in Brighton & Hove we can help!

Using expanding bolts we will either bolt your safe to the concrete floor or if not possible then to the wall.
In ideal circumstances we will fit your safe with expanding raw bolts to the floor and the wall.

Most importantly we can give you knowledgeable advice on where to fit your safe, keeping the code secret or keys safe and being aware of who is around you when accessing your safe.

Maybe you have not yet purchased a Brighton safe but you are looking for advice?
There are many grades of safe that you should be aware of.
Insurance companies will only pay out to the maximum of that safes cash rating. Below is a guide for you;

European Ratings

S1 EN14450 = £2k
S2 EN14450 = £4k
Grade 0 = £6k
Grade 1 = £10k
Grade 2 = £17.5k
Grade 3 = £35K
Grade 4 = £60k
Grade 5 = £100k

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