Boarding Up Leeds

”The latest news from one of my previous students Andy at Lemon Locksmiths Leeds.

Andy started a family-run locksmith business in Leeds almost 2 years ago now.

He has now started an additional service of boarding up leeds to help secure properties after burglaries etc.

This service is not for the faint-hearted and often involves going to dangerous areas in the early hours of the morning.

We hope Andy is successful with his new boarding-up service and continues to be successful with his locksmith business.

Good Luck Andy!”

Buy Lishi Lock Pick & Decoders Here!

buy lishi lock pick and decoder

If you’re interested in becoming an Auto locksmith then you’ll know that it all starts with the Lishi lock pick and decoders.

Becoming a master at picking is really going to make your life easier when it comes to offering a lost car key service or to gain entry to a car when the keys have been locked inside.

In this short post I’m going to show you where to buy Lishi lock pick & decoders at the BEST price, in fact with HUGE discounts!

I’ll also show you a resource where you can get training on Lishi lock picking and tips and tricks to help you succeed faster.

Here’s a few tips on Lishi lock picking:

1: You can determine EXACTLY what pick you need for any vehicle by using the search function of a supplier’s website. Here’s one for your convenience:

2: Always make sure the pick is ALL THE WAY in to the lock before you start picking , otherwise the lining up could be slightly out of whack.

3: Do not apply too much pressure when turning – Imagine the amount of pressure you need to turn a key in a lock – That’s how much pressure you’ll need to get it to turn.

4: Only pick the SOLID numbers – If it’s bouncing just leave it alone!

5: Go over the same numbers again and again – Each time you pick a new number, it will bind up another new number.

6: If you fail – be PATIENT, squirt some WD40 or GT85 into the lock and try again. Don’t get stressed as you’ll only get worse.

If you’d like some more training via video demonstrations, you can get a full Lishi picking course for next to nothing on – Just go to Udemy and search “Lishi Picking”.

If you’re looking for some AWESOME Lishi pick and decoder discounts, tips, tricks and beginners guides, I recommend that you click the button below.

If you’ve landed here by mistake and you just need a locksmith in Brighton, Click here.

Lemon Locksmiths, Leeds

I have recently had the pleasure of training Andy at Lemon Locksmiths Leeds.

Andy runs and owns a family run locksmith business in Leeds and I am super impressed with his level of workmanship and customer service.

Not only does he REALLY CARE about his customer, he is an expert locksmith with a high attention to detail.

If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing a locksmith in Leeds then Andy is your man!

He offers 24/7 fast response and is very well respected in both the locksmith industry and with the general public.

Give him a call today for a fast response: 


CCTV Signs

Did you know that displaying a CCTV sign will decrease the risk of burglary?

For the sake of a few pounds or dollars, it really is worth the investment.

Amazon stock a wide range of signs that can easily be fixed to your wall using screws or adhesive.

We recommend that you display it clearly in front of your property where it can be seen from the street or at least in a location where there is some light on the sign so that it can easily be seen before a break-in attempt is made.

The sizes you require will depend on the size of your property and depend on the distance from the street to the property and visiblity.

Amazon also stock fluorescent or glow in the dark CCTV signage.

cctv signs
Click on image to purchase

Protect Your Property With Quality CCTV Signs.

Purchase On Amazon Here

If you’re looking for high quality CCTV signs to protect your home, you can display some of these signs around your home, business or car park.

We recommend that you don’t rely on CCTV signs only, you should invest in some cameras to back up your claims!

Even dummy cameras are better than none and of course, displaying CCTV signs is better than nothing but you will get the most peace of mind with a real camera system.

You can also buy dummy cameras from Amazon or even wireless CCTV that doesn’t require an engineer to fit it!

The good news is with the advancements in technology, you can even view your cameras at home on your mobile phone using a simple app.

You can purchase CCTV signs here

When you display a CCTV sign it gives the impression that your property is protected by closed circuit television cameras.

The idea is that the unwanted intruder would be put off by the idea of entering your property or causing damage to a vehicle.


Locksmith Coventry

locksmith Coventry

I recently had the pleasure of training a good friend of mine, Dan and he is now the proud owner of his very own locksmith business in Coventry!

We met about 10 years ago through another mate of mine and he always said he loved the idea of being a locksmith so he reached out to me recently and I was happy to train him. He wasn’t very imaginative with the name of Dans Locksmith Coventry but I must admit it’s an easy name to remember and for sure it will stick when people get to know him as he really is a nice guy with a great personality.

If you know anyone in the Coventry area who is looking for a reliable locksmith for all of the usual, key cutting, lock opening, car key replacement – Dan Is THE Man! You can check his website out here:

At the moment his locksmith business in Coventry is mobile but I believe he plans to open a locksmith shop in Coventry and go all out! To check out just some of the locksmith Coventry services he offers, visit his website and have a look!

The thing that will get him far is his outstanding customer service skills and the fact that he is totally clear about his locksmith prices in Coventry.

Thanks for reading guys and catch up again soon!

Anti Snap Locks

Lock snapping is becoming more and more common at the moment all around Brighton, Hove and East Sussex and it is the main method used for a big percentage of of burglary call-outs I attend.

The bare facts are that the standard 5 pin Euro Cylinder found in most upvc and composite doors has a very weak point that can be snapped open in 10 seconds!

Most locks on the market that claim to be anti-snap don’t even work! So you could invest in one of these so called anti-snap locks only to find out it’s making the job of a thief even easier.

Lock Snapping originated up north around 2011 and worked its way down to the South coast, including Brighton as a big target. I strongly believe that this has happened as the media has made the public aware of this problem – unfortunately, criminals are also within the public and have watched the same documentary on lock snapping or seen something on the news! This has highlighted the weakness and they have taken the opportunity to try this out.

Check out this News clip about lock snapping:


Locksmith Brighton Prices

Locksmith Brighton Prices

locksmith brighton prices

Keep Reading To Find Out Our Locksmith Brighton Prices!

Locked Out? Need Some Advice Or Need Your Locks Changed As Soon As Possible?

Call Our Expert Locksmith Now:

Office: 01273 921027
Mobile: 07817170327

How Much Do Brighton Locksmiths Charge?

Locksmith Brighton Prices vary between companies. Our advice is to avoid national companies who appear to be local but are just call centers based in the north somewhere! Try to use local locksmiths Like Us!

Need Some Advice Or Need Your Locks Changed As Soon As Possible?

Call Our Expert Locksmith Now:

Office: 01273 921027
Mobile: 07817170327

Locksmith Brighton Prices should reflect that of the quality of the work carried out. The City Locksmith Brighton are members of The Master Locksmiths Association and are CRB checked and recommended by Sussex Police.

Our locksmith Brighton prices are very competitive and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work so please consider your options if you are quoted any lower than our prices below as you may be getting an unqualified or even worse – untrustworthy locksmith to deal with your lock and key issues.

Our solid advice (without trying to send you to another company!) is to call at least 5 local locksmiths in Brighton and get a quote for the job over the phone from each locksmith. If you get an offer that sounds too cheap then there will be a reason for that! If you get a quote that seems very expensive – it’s more than likely a call center who have added there commission for taking the call and subcontracting it to another locksmith! Pick one around the middle that seems fair. If you see this logo below on the website – that is a very good sign.

Our Locksmith Brighton Prices:

Monday – Friday – 9am -5pm = £65.00 (no vat)

Monday – Friday 5pm – 12am – £75.00 (no vat)

Saturday & Sunday – 9am – 12am – £75.00 (no vat)

All days 12am – 9am – £105.00 (no vat)

Security Surveys – FREE!

Locked Out? Need Some Advice Or Need Your Locks Changed As Soon As Possible?

Call Our Expert Locksmith Now:

Office: 01273 921027
Mobile: 07817170327





Lost Key Emergency Brighton

Lost Key Emergency Brighton

Need Some Advice Or Need Your Locks Changed As Soon As Possible?

Call Our Expert Locksmith Now:

Office: 01273 921027
Mobile: 07817170327


lost key emergency brighton


If you have lost your keys in Brighton – DO NOT PANIC!

The City Locksmith Brighton have are experts and resolving lost key emergencies in Brighton for over 16 years.

If you have lost your keys close to your home, we recommend changing your locks to your home as it will give you peace of mind and it is only a small investment. If you live in a flat and have lost a key to your common entrance door, please contact your landlord or estate agents and managing agents as soon as possible.

Lost Car Key in Brighton Also?

Do not worry – When you lose your car keys, you will not have to change the locks to your car!

When we program new keys to the car it will automatically lock the original keys out so that if someone did try to start your car with the key, it will not start.


Need Some Advice Or Need Your Locks Changed As Soon As Possible?

Call Our Expert Locksmith Now:

Office: 01273 921027
Mobile: 07817170327


The main thing to do when you lose your keys is not panic and call The City Locksmith In Brighton as soon as possible. We will then resolve your lost key emergency in Brighton the same day.


Lock Change Brighton

Lock Change Brighton

lock change brighton

Need Some Advice Or Need Your Locks Changed in Brighton As Soon As Possible?

Call Our Expert Locksmith Now:

Office: 01273 921027
Mobile: 07817170327


Do you need your locks changed in Brighton?

Maybe you have lost some keys or you know that someone has a key who shouldn’t have?

Put your mind at rest and change your locks with The City Locksmith Brighton.

There are many options when it comes to a lock change in Brighton. Firstly you should establish your type of door. Is it a wooden door or a UPVC door? Once you have this info just give us a call and we can go through some price options with you.

You may want to upgrade your locks to British standard locks or an anti-snap lock but we can advise on this when we visit you or over the phone when possible. If you have a wooden door, you should have at least one British standard lock installed on the door. This could be a high security night-latch or a 5 lever deadlock. If you have a UPVC door, you should have a British standard Euro cylinder installed.

Some lock change Brighton jobs:

  • All UPVC Euro Cylinders changed In Brighton – We can change standard euro cylinders to upgraded high security cylinders or change euro cylinders from key use both side to a thumb turn use on the inside. This is required now for fire safety.
  • All Mortice Locks Changed In Brighton – We have a wide range of mortice locks from standard 3 lever internal locks to British standard high security 5 lever deadlocks. Our engineers carry stock on the vans so we are able to change any lock on the same visit.
  • Yale Cylinders changed in Brighton – If you have lost a key and want to make sure no one can get in if they find them, the cheapest and quickest option is to change the Yale cylinder lock. This will ensure you peace of mind at a low cost.
  • Complete security upgrade in Brighton – This option will ‘burglar proof’ your door. We will require a survey (free) of your property and we will advise you on upgrading your locks.


Need Some Advice Or Need Your Locks Changed As Soon As Possible?

Call Our Expert Locksmith Now:

Office: 01273 921027
Mobile: 07817170327



Free Home Security Survey In Brighton & Hove

22 homes and businesses a day burgled in Sussex according to police figures

locksmith brighton


Following a huge increase in house and business burglaries in Sussex, The City Locksmith Brighton are offering a 100% FREE security survey of your home if you live in the Brighton & Hove area.



Here is a recent article from The Argus Newspaper:


‘MORE than 22 homes and businesses are burgled every single day in Sussex.

The latest figures released by Sussex Police show there were 680 burglaries a month between September 2016 and September 2017.

The force released the figures as they warned residents to be braced for even more break ins. Police said they planned to tackle the problem with a social media campaign to encourage people to protect their homes.

The figures show a rise from an average of 19 burglaries a day in the previous year.

“Be mindful that your home could be vulnerable to burglary if it isn’t protected. The best defence against burglary is prevention.”

Sussex Police has been sharing burglary victim’s personal stories to try to encourage people to protect themselves.

They include a university student who woke to find someone inside his hall of residence bedroom stealing his laptop containing all his course work, a woman’s who home was broken in to and car taken from her drive, robbing her of her independence, and pensioners tricked by comment who manipulated their way into their homes..

People are advised to keep wallets, purses and car keys out of sight.

To lock all doors and windows when going out – even only into the garden, and to leave a light on if going out at night.’


How Does It Work?

Just get in contact with The City Locksmith Brighton on the details below to book your free survey. A master locksmith will visit your property and check over your locks to see if they are British Standard of if you could improve the security of your home in anyway. They will then leave you a no obligation quote that will be valid for 6 months should you wish to take them up on it or carry out the work yourself. In some cases, the locksmith will be able to improve your security on the first visit.

Below, we have some top tips for keeping your home secure. Even if you do not book a FREE security survey with The City Locksmith Brighton, please protect your home using our free advice.

The City Locksmith Brighton are members of the Master Locksmiths Association and are CRB checked and used and trusted by the police.

Contact The City Locksmith Brighton Now On:

Mobile: 07817170327
Office: 01273 921027





1: If you have a wooden door then make sure you have a 5 Lever British Standard Deadlock fitted.

Deadlocks for sale, brighton

2: If you have a UPVC Door then you should have an anti-snap Euro Lock Fitted – Get in touch with one of our team at The City Locksmith Brighton for advice if you are not sure about sizes.

Euro anti snap lock in brighton

3: Invest In a dummy Camera or better still.. CCTV. Research shows that burglars are more unlikely to target your property if you have visible cameras or alarms on the front of your Home.

locksmith brighton alrams and cctv

4: Chains and peephole cameras can prevent unwanted intruders from entering after knocking on the door.

locksmith brighton website photo

5: Make Sure you regularly get your locks, alarms, cameras and other security checked over annually by a professional Locksmith. The City Locksmith Brighton offer a free survey to come and look over the security on your property and advise on upgrades and replacing any faulty locks that may cause you problems in the future.

Need help or advice?

The City Locksmith Brighton are members of the Master Locksmiths Association and are CRB checked and used and trusted by the police.

Contact The City Locksmith Brighton Now On:

Mobile: 07817170327
Office: 01273 921027