Attention Landlords and Estate Agents in Brighton!


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Discount Locksmith Service for Landlords & Estate agents in Brighton & Hove

As a landlord or estate agent you may be used to the annoyance of being stuck at a property fishing through hundreds of keys on a key-chain while the potential tenant stands behind you tut-tutting and checking their watch while you try and get into the property? If you know this feeling well then we have the solution for you!

We can create a master key suite for you, this key will enable you to get into all of your properties from the outside and even get into individual rooms within a property is the home is used as a house share. Although you will have one key for all the homes and all the rooms the tenants will have individual keys that only let into the house or into their rooms. This one key solution will save you endless hassle and make your pockets much lighter too.

Here at AW Master Locksmiths we are highly recommended and reliable locksmiths in Brighton and one of the favourite locksmiths in Hove too, due to our excellent level of customer service and high quality workmanship. We work with many landlords and estate agents as locksmiths in Brighton and Hove, helping with many services as well as the incredible one key solution.

As a locksmith in Hove and Brighton we can support landlords and estate agents with tenant eviction, when tenants lock themselves out of their homes, with repairs and maintenance to existing locks and the changing of locks when there in a change of tenancy at your property and the keys have been misplaced or taken by the previous tenant.

We offer an excellent discount locksmith for landlords’ and estate agents service in which we can offer a 20% discount on all labour charges and accounts which give you up to 30 days to pay after receipt of the invoice.

If you are a landlord or estate agent in Brighton to Hove why not call us now to hear more about our discount locksmith for landlords’ and estate agent service? You’ll be surprised at how much easier we can make your life as a landlord in Brighton or Hove.


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