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Do You Rent Property In Sussex?

Save Money On Your Lock Changes, Emergency Opening, Repairs and Lock Maintenance With The City Locksmith Brighton  Special 35% Discount on labour.

If you are a property owner or estate agent in Brighton and surrounding areas who rents out to private tenants, students or social housing then you would require the occasional lock change, service, repair or in some cases evictions or the need to gain access in an emergency. The City Locksmith Brighton is a 24 Hour Mobile Locksmith company based in the center of Brighton with a credible set of skills and qualifications. With over 16 years experience, we are members of the Master Locksmiths Association so you know that you will get not only a quality level of workmanship but honesty and integrity as well.

We are offering a massive 35% discount on the labour for landlords and estate agents who become account customers.


Q: How does it work?
A: Simple! The first time you use us, you will receive the 35% discount on labour and we will send you an invoice for payment within 30 days. All future jobs will be discounted by 20% and invoices sent for 30 day payment.

Q: What will the labour charge be?
A: Labour is usually charged at £60.00 per hour but when you become an account customer with The City Locksmith Brighton, you will only pay £45.00 per hour! (NO VAT)

Q: Is there a contract? If so, where do I sign?!!
A: No contract is required and no minimum call outs per month!

Q: Do these rates qualify for out of hours work?
A: The discount will only be effective during working hours 9am – 5pm – Monday to Friday. We are able to attend out of hours work at our usual competitive price.

Q: Ok this is too good to be true! How do I start?
A: Simple! Next time you need a lock opened, changed, repaired or serviced. Just give us a call or email on the details below and we will get you set up on our payment system!

Call or email Alex, the master locksmith:

Mobile: 07817170327 (open 24 hours a day)

Office: 01273 921027 (Office hours 9am – 5pm)



Free Security advice from Emergency Locksmith Brighton

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since we last posted any news but don’t worry, over the next few months we will be posting free security advice on how to keep your home secure over the coming months. We will discuss in depth about how just a few simple steps can keep you, your loved ones and your belongings safe from unwanted intruders.

Below are just a few things we will be discussing.

Wireless alarm systems.

Gone are the days when you needed to wire your whole house up and drill holes through the walls, you can now set up a simple wireless alarm system for under £200!!

Anti-snap Euro profile cylinders

We will be explaining in-depth about how criminals can enter your home in just a few seconds by snapping your lock. We will advise on how to combat this with anti-snap euro cylinders.


British Standard Deadlocks and high security anti slip nightlatches

Having just any old lock on your door is not enough when it comes to protecting your loved ones and possessions. Stay up to date with Emergency Locksmith Brighton and get some knowledge on the best locks on the market.

This is just a few examples of how you can protect your home. We will be posting to the home page of Emergency Locksmith Brighton our updates so do come back for more!





Landlords & Estate agents wanted in Brighton & Hove!

locksmith brighton


Are you a landlord or estate agent with properties in the Brighton and Hove area? If so, we have some great news! Here at The City Locksmith Brighton, we’re delighted to offer a 10% discount on all invoices for local landlords and estate agents.

All you have to do is join us as an account customer. It’s as simple as that! Just sign up with us, and we’ll knock 10% off all of your invoices without you having to lift a finger. This promotion ends December 1st 2017, so sign up ASAP to enjoy the full benefits of the offer.

As a leading provider of locksmith services in the Brighton and Hove area, The City Locksmith Brighton offers a range of services, including:

  • 24-hour emergency call-outs
  • Servicing, installations and repairs
  • Digital and mechanical lock installation
  • Safe opening, servicing, and relocation
  • Master key systems
  • Mortice lock installations

And much more!

We’re also the only company in Brighton to offer a free security check to assess vulnerabilities and make recommendations for your property.

As an added bonus, we also offer car key replacement services – just another reason to open up an account with us today!

But don’t just take our word for it. We’re proud members of, so visit us on Google to find our glowing testimonials! Our satisfaction level is a 9.85 as of this post, so you can see we do right by our customers every time. Here are just a few examples for you:

It works a treat and you were fantastic: Others take note! Thank you.”Peter Kyle, Local Member of Parliament

Alex added extra security to an elderly relative’s front door…Alex did an excellent job and the price was very competitive.”Matt P

Alex came out as soon as I called and did a fine job at a great price. Thank you!”Chris Henry

We’re realistic, and we understand that a determined criminal can’t be stopped no matter how sophisticated the lock. However, we believe that good security is the best deterrent you can have, and anything that works to slow down or attract attention to a break-in is a worthwhile investment.

Safe communities are made by individuals, so sign up with us today and take full advantage of our discount locksmithing services to keep you, your tenants, and your neighbourhoods safe.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


AW Master Locksmiths has Now rebranded!

Hi everyone!


Exciting times here at The City Locksmith Brighton! As part of our expansion into Auto Locksmithing and supplying the public with car keys. We have re-branded the company – formally AW Master Locksmiths is now The City Locksmith Brighton!



We will still continue to provide the best possible service for our domestic customers and we can now offer even more!

Please visit our new page – Auto Locksmith Brighton for some of the new services we offer!

Thanks for your support over the last couple of years, our business is still a baby but we continue to grow!



Don’t be a victim this winter – Home Security Hack!

AW Master Locksmiths


As the cold, dark nights creep in, burglaries increase by up to 50% and most take place from opportunist thieves who notice a weakness in your security or even an unlocked door. Most burglars and thieves are not as sophisticated as James Bond and have not been to lock picking school so if a thieve tries the handle on 100 doors in 1 night, the odds are they may find one that is open! so it goes without saying, make sure you lock and double lock your door every night.

Another method of people entering your home is simply knocking on the door and when it is answered they will use force to push the way in and help themselves to your belongings so just be aware before answering the door.

We are going to give you the security hack tips of 2016 to keep your family and belongings safe this Christmas. These 3 simple tips will increase your security by 100% and put off most opportunist thieves and even deter the smarter ones.

Tip No. 1

Install a simple ‘Door viewer’ (fig1) these can be installed on both wooden and UPVC doors and are an essential part of your doors security. You can simply look through the door viewer and if you do not recognise the person at the door, you have no obligation to open it. Having an outside light helps of course for visibility. It is also possible now to have an electronic door viewer so you can view who is at the door on a screen. The beauty of this device is that it will actually record all of the visitors that you have had even when you are out so it’s almost like an answering machine to your door! You simply scroll through the photos when you arrive home (fig2)

doorviewerfig1                            ps10745636-0_3_mega_pixels_3_5_inch_electronic_door_viewer_for_luxury_hotel_home_safetyfig2


Tip No. 2

Install a door chain and/or sliding bolts.

A door chain allows you to open the door to speak to someone without the fear of them pushing the way in, it’s also a great extra security feature to leave on over night as just another hurdle for the burglars.

The bolts are that last thing you do at night, as you slide them across you can feel that extra bit more secure knowing that even if some James Bond type did manage to pick your lock, they would still not be able to open the door as you are bolted from the inside!

The chain can be fitted to both wooden and plastic (UPVC) doors, however for the sliding bolts you would need a different type of lock as in fig 3.

p_31030            p4008           fab-fix-sash-jammer-8118-p                                                                                                                                                                         fig3


Tip No. 3

Have at least 1 British Standard lock on your door.

What is a British Standard Lock? You can check right now by simply looking at the lock to see if it has a BS Kite Mark (image below)

kitemark-bs  0005185_atk-3-star-bs-euro-cylinders           ldb5530fb

If you have a wooden door and currently only have a Yale type lock that locks automatically when you close the door, your door is extremely vulnerable and could be opened in seconds with very minimal noise. You should have a deadlock installed that has the Kite-mark image imprinted on the face-plate on the side of the door when you open it. These locks are recommended by the police and insurance companies.

If you have a UPVC door you should invest in a good quality Euro cylinder that is anti pick, anti bump, anti snap and anti drill.


Do you live in this area? Save time and money by booking a professional locksmith to come and install your Home security Package.



  • What to do now? AW Master Locksmiths can supply and install all of the above with some great money saving packages from £149.00

  • If you live in the area above we can help choose the right door security package for you by offering a free no obligation survey.

  • Live in Brighton or Hove? Get a 10% discount

  • 10% discounts for OAP’s

Get in touch now to put your mind at rest and be one step ahead.



Tel; 01273 921 027
Mob; 07817170327


We also offer lock fitting, repairs, maintenance and replacement car keys.


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Where can I buy these things?

You could source all of these items in B&Q or maybe or local hardware store, you could however save money by booking AW Master Locksmiths to come and supply and install your locks in one easy phone call!

Need an installer?

AW Master Locksmiths have a friendly engineer who loves making doors bullet proof! We can offer you a package deal on all 3 of these features for as little as £150 including fitting!* Call us now!

Not sure what you need?

Book a free survey and one of our experts will assess your door and advise on the best package. Please visit the website for more information.


  • Price of £150.00 does not include digital door viewer. Please get in touch for more information.




Lost/stolen car key? – Locksmith or Dealership?


Replacement car keys in Sussex

I thought I would write a little article about the advantages of using an auto locksmith to replace your lost car key vs going back to your car dealer for a replacement.

Firstly it’s good point to start this topic by saying that any car that was made after 1995 would have been fitted with an immobiliser and supplied with keys that have transponder chips inside them. This is a security device to make sure the correct key is being used to start the car.

In the event of you losing all your keys to your car, you are usually left with only 2 options, go back to your dealer or call an emergency auto locksmith.

Firstly I will discuss the process of going back to your car manufacturer or supplier and requesting a new replacement car key, I will then discuss what the auto locksmith would do in this situation and talk about the potential costs in both situations;

Option 1 – Contacting your main car dealership;

You would place a call into your dealership who would then ask where your car is located, if it is stranded away from your home for example, you would need to pay for recovery costs to have the car picked up. This would cost around £80 – £150

You would then be advised that they will need to keep your car for up to five days or when they have time to fit you in while they program new keys etc. You may now need to hire a car to continue your week or you could be losing money especially if you are a tradesman or require a car for your work. Cost of a car for up to 5 days could be around £100 – £300

The car manufacturers charge between £150 – £300 for a new key and remotes and additional spares could cost you more.So far you could now of spent between £330 – £750 on just 1 spare key! Plus the stress and inconvenience of not having your car for a few days.

Option 2 – Contacting your local auto locksmiths;

You would call your local auto locksmith for a replacement car key and usually they would be able to attend the same day.

The advantage of calling a locksmith is they can come to you at the roadside and you don’t have to take the car to them!

The locksmith would then advise you on the cost of a new key before any work is carried out. He or she would then gain entry to your vehicle using non destructive entry methods. A new key would then be cut and programmed to your car using the latest car key programming equipment. You would also have the option of ‘locking’ the old car keys out so they would no longer start your ignition, this is very useful if you think the keys have been stolen and your car is vulnerable.

The locksmith would then present you with the new key that you would pay a fraction of the cost of going back to your dealership. This whole process would usually be done within a couple of hours and would only cost you between £150 – £300 depending on what car you have.

We hope that this article has been helpful and has given you good advice on how to make your decision! Please visit our Auto Locksmiths page for more info!



Miracle Vehicle Locksmiths


AW Master Locksmiths – Auto Locksmiths Brighton


AW Master Locksmiths now provide a competitive auto locksmith service in Brighton and surrounding areas.

We aim to provide a service that is more convenient and affordable than going to your main car dealer for replacement car keys. We also offer a lock out service, should you lose all your keys or lock the key inside the car. Sometimes car keys can break, bend, get stuck in the door or ignition or the transponder or remote could stop working.

Being a mobile auto locksmith in Brighton gives us the advantage of being able to come to you when you need us most.

So what’s the procedure? Can a locksmith cut keys to your car without an original one to copy from? The answer is yes!

Our vans are stocked with the latest cutting edge equipment, we are able to duplicate keys, copy the transponders (that’s the little micro chip inside your key that talks to your car to allow the key to operate the doors and ignition) We can even service your locks to prevent future problems.

Car technology is becoming more advanced everyday and AW Master Locksmiths are not ones for being left behind, our staff are trained by one of the countries leading training centers for auto-locksmithing and we are constantly updating our equipment and knowledge to keep us ahead of the game.

Car manufacturers are extremely costly when it comes to providing replacement car keys and do not offer a roadside service when you need to get back on track. The AA offer an auto locksmith service but this often works out costing a sinilar amount to the car manufacturers. Auto locksmiths specialise in this complex industry so they have the skills and knowledge to be able to get you back on the road as soon as possible and a fraction of the cost.


Please give us a call with your inquiry and we will be happy to chat with you and explain your options regarding your car key problems!

Ask for Alex, our Master auto locksmith;

Click to call from a mobile; 07817170327

From a landline; 01273 921027


Attention Landlords and Estate Agents in Brighton!


AW Master Locksmiths (3)

Discount Locksmith Service for Landlords & Estate agents in Brighton & Hove

As a landlord or estate agent you may be used to the annoyance of being stuck at a property fishing through hundreds of keys on a key-chain while the potential tenant stands behind you tut-tutting and checking their watch while you try and get into the property? If you know this feeling well then we have the solution for you!

We can create a master key suite for you, this key will enable you to get into all of your properties from the outside and even get into individual rooms within a property is the home is used as a house share. Although you will have one key for all the homes and all the rooms the tenants will have individual keys that only let into the house or into their rooms. This one key solution will save you endless hassle and make your pockets much lighter too.

Here at AW Master Locksmiths we are highly recommended and reliable locksmiths in Brighton and one of the favourite locksmiths in Hove too, due to our excellent level of customer service and high quality workmanship. We work with many landlords and estate agents as locksmiths in Brighton and Hove, helping with many services as well as the incredible one key solution.

As a locksmith in Hove and Brighton we can support landlords and estate agents with tenant eviction, when tenants lock themselves out of their homes, with repairs and maintenance to existing locks and the changing of locks when there in a change of tenancy at your property and the keys have been misplaced or taken by the previous tenant.

We offer an excellent discount locksmith for landlords’ and estate agents service in which we can offer a 20% discount on all labour charges and accounts which give you up to 30 days to pay after receipt of the invoice.

If you are a landlord or estate agent in Brighton to Hove why not call us now to hear more about our discount locksmith for landlords’ and estate agent service? You’ll be surprised at how much easier we can make your life as a landlord in Brighton or Hove.


Call us now on; 07817 170327


New feature! Text us your postcode #locksmithBrighton

AW Master Locksmiths in Brighton have added a great new feature for customers that just want a quick quote without the hassle of ringing around lots of locksmith companies in Brighton.

The feature is called ‘Text us your postcode’  #locksmithbrighton all you have to do is either click on the image below to send a message or text us your postcode to the number and we will respond with an instant quote! We will also check who our closest engineer is and send you our estimated time of arrival! Genius, ay?!

Text us your postcode



If you wanted to be more specific and enquire about a problem lock and wanted to get an idea of cost, this feature is great for that too!!

At AW Master Locksmiths in Brighton we are always looking to innovate and stay ahead of the times so when one of our customers require an emergency locksmith in Brighton or Hove we want to make it as easy as possible and stress free.

We know it is not a pleasant experience when you have been unfortunate enough to have either lost a key, had one stolen, locked the key in the house or you just can’t gain entry as the lock decides not to work so we try to make the whole process fast and efficient with minimal fuss!


So go ahead! If you are searching for a professional locksmith in Brighton – Try out our new feature 🙂


Stay safe

#locksmithbrighton #emergencylocksmithbrighton


New Brighton Locksmith Advert 2016

Emergency Locksmith Brighton: 15 Feb 2016

We’re back with an exciting news post here at AW Master Locksmiths!

We have teamed up with Brighton Video Production to create an advert that explains a little bit about our company. We want to let our customers in Brighton and Hove know that we are a genuine local emergency locksmith company and we are not a national call center who is sub-contracting work out to other locksmiths and therefore inflating the prices for the customers.
The 1 minute video is of course shot in sunny Brighton and is just a little insight into our company, we hope that you will get to know and trust us as we pride ourselves on being reliable, trustworthy and honest.
What are you waiting for? Just click on the image below to play the advert.
Untitled design (2)