Lost/stolen car key? – Locksmith or Dealership?


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I thought I would write a little article about the advantages of using an auto locksmith to replace your lost car key vs going back to your car dealer for a replacement.

Firstly it’s good point to start this topic by saying that any car that was made after 1995 would have been fitted with an immobiliser and supplied with keys that have transponder chips inside them. This is a security device to make sure the correct key is being used to start the car.

In the event of you losing all your keys to your car, you are usually left with only 2 options, go back to your dealer or call an emergency auto locksmith.

Firstly I will discuss the process of going back to your car manufacturer or supplier and requesting a new replacement car key, I will then discuss what the auto locksmith would do in this situation and talk about the potential costs in both situations;

Option 1 – Contacting your main car dealership;

You would place a call into your dealership who would then ask where your car is located, if it is stranded away from your home for example, you would need to pay for recovery costs to have the car picked up. This would cost around £80 – £150

You would then be advised that they will need to keep your car for up to five days or when they have time to fit you in while they program new keys etc. You may now need to hire a car to continue your week or you could be losing money especially if you are a tradesman or require a car for your work. Cost of a car for up to 5 days could be around £100 – £300

The car manufacturers charge between £150 – £300 for a new key and remotes and additional spares could cost you more.So far you could now of spent between £330 – £750 on just 1 spare key! Plus the stress and inconvenience of not having your car for a few days.

Option 2 – Contacting your local auto locksmiths;

You would call your local auto locksmith for a replacement car key and usually they would be able to attend the same day.

The advantage of calling a locksmith is they can come to you at the roadside and you don’t have to take the car to them!

The locksmith would then advise you on the cost of a new key before any work is carried out. He or she would then gain entry to your vehicle using non destructive entry methods. A new key would then be cut and programmed to your car using the latest car key programming equipment. You would also have the option of ‘locking’ the old car keys out so they would no longer start your ignition, this is very useful if you think the keys have been stolen and your car is vulnerable.

The locksmith would then present you with the new key that you would pay a fraction of the cost of going back to your dealership. This whole process would usually be done within a couple of hours and would only cost you between £150 – £300 depending on what car you have.

We hope that this article has been helpful and has given you good advice on how to make your decision! Please visit our Auto Locksmiths page for more info!



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