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As the cold, dark nights creep in, burglaries increase by up to 50% and most take place from opportunist thieves who notice a weakness in your security or even an unlocked door. Most burglars and thieves are not as sophisticated as James Bond and have not been to lock picking school so if a thieve tries the handle on 100 doors in 1 night, the odds are they may find one that is open! so it goes without saying, make sure you lock and double lock your door every night.

Another method of people entering your home is simply knocking on the door and when it is answered they will use force to push the way in and help themselves to your belongings so just be aware before answering the door.

We are going to give you the security hack tips of 2016 to keep your family and belongings safe this Christmas. These 3 simple tips will increase your security by 100% and put off most opportunist thieves and even deter the smarter ones.

Tip No. 1

Install a simple ‘Door viewer’ (fig1) these can be installed on both wooden and UPVC doors and are an essential part of your doors security. You can simply look through the door viewer and if you do not recognise the person at the door, you have no obligation to open it. Having an outside light helps of course for visibility. It is also possible now to have an electronic door viewer so you can view who is at the door on a screen. The beauty of this device is that it will actually record all of the visitors that you have had even when you are out so it’s almost like an answering machine to your door! You simply scroll through the photos when you arrive home (fig2)

doorviewerfig1                            ps10745636-0_3_mega_pixels_3_5_inch_electronic_door_viewer_for_luxury_hotel_home_safetyfig2


Tip No. 2

Install a door chain and/or sliding bolts.

A door chain allows you to open the door to speak to someone without the fear of them pushing the way in, it’s also a great extra security feature to leave on over night as just another hurdle for the burglars.

The bolts are that last thing you do at night, as you slide them across you can feel that extra bit more secure knowing that even if some James Bond type did manage to pick your lock, they would still not be able to open the door as you are bolted from the inside!

The chain can be fitted to both wooden and plastic (UPVC) doors, however for the sliding bolts you would need a different type of lock as in fig 3.

p_31030            p4008           fab-fix-sash-jammer-8118-p                                                                                                                                                                         fig3


Tip No. 3

Have at least 1 British Standard lock on your door.

What is a British Standard Lock? You can check right now by simply looking at the lock to see if it has a BS Kite Mark (image below)

kitemark-bs  0005185_atk-3-star-bs-euro-cylinders           ldb5530fb

If you have a wooden door and currently only have a Yale type lock that locks automatically when you close the door, your door is extremely vulnerable and could be opened in seconds with very minimal noise. You should have a deadlock installed that has the Kite-mark image imprinted on the face-plate on the side of the door when you open it. These locks are recommended by the police and insurance companies.

If you have a UPVC door you should invest in a good quality Euro cylinder that is anti pick, anti bump, anti snap and anti drill.


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