Buy Lishi Lock Pick & Decoders Here!

buy lishi lock pick and decoder

If you’re interested in becoming an Auto locksmith then you’ll know that it all starts with the Lishi lock pick and decoders.

Becoming a master at picking is really going to make your life easier when it comes to offering a lost car key service or to gain entry to a car when the keys have been locked inside.

In this short post I’m going to show you where to buy Lishi lock pick & decoders at the BEST price, in fact with HUGE discounts!

I’ll also show you a resource where you can get training on Lishi lock picking and tips and tricks to help you succeed faster.

Here’s a few tips on Lishi lock picking:

1: You can determine EXACTLY what pick you need for any vehicle by using the search function of a supplier’s website. Here’s one for your convenience:

2: Always make sure the pick is ALL THE WAY in to the lock before you start picking , otherwise the lining up could be slightly out of whack.

3: Do not apply too much pressure when turning – Imagine the amount of pressure you need to turn a key in a lock – That’s how much pressure you’ll need to get it to turn.

4: Only pick the SOLID numbers – If it’s bouncing just leave it alone!

5: Go over the same numbers again and again – Each time you pick a new number, it will bind up another new number.

6: If you fail – be PATIENT, squirt some WD40 or GT85 into the lock and try again. Don’t get stressed as you’ll only get worse.

If you’d like some more training via video demonstrations, you can get a full Lishi picking course for next to nothing on – Just go to Udemy and search “Lishi Picking”.

If you’re looking for some AWESOME Lishi pick and decoder discounts, tips, tricks and beginners guides, I recommend that you click the button below.

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