Checkatrade Review: Is it worth signing up to Checkatrade?

This is an updated post from 2016.

We were trading as AW  MAster Locksmiths back then when we joined Checkatrade.

We found that joining checkatrade was not effective at all and their website didn’t even rank on page 1 of google for any of the popular search terms!

It was also common knowledge that many of their members had fake reviews to bump them up in the search rankings.

The sales team were very pushy in getting me to sign up and they delivered very little results.

I decided to leave Checkatrade on the basis that I was paying around £700 to get about 3 jobs.

I have since been contacted by the ‘Misuse’ team to take down my old blog post from 2016 as it displayed their logo!

I explained that this was old news but they have threatened legal action so I’ve turned this old blog post from 2016 into a 2020 review for anyone thinking of joining Checkatrade.

Is Checkatrade worth it?

My overall my conclusion is: NO

It might be helpful for some types of business but as a locksmith, I have managed to out rank checkatrade for most keyword terms.

Put your efforts into your own SEO or PPC.

Thanks for reading!