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How To Become An Auto Locksmith From Home In As Little As 2 Weeks And Make Up To £800 + Per Day (Even If You Have No Experience)

auto locksmith course

What To Learn How To Become An Auto Locksmith?

Did you know that most start up auto locksmith fail within the first 12 months of trading?

They spend too much money on expensive courses, tools and equipment only to find that they forget how to use it all, get frustrated with all the technology and struggle to get customers.

Most auto locksmith courses will charge you £2,000 + and then try to sell you tools and equipment that you don’t need!

This could leave you £30,000 + short or even worse – in debt!

Your monthly payments on financing the equipment will far exceed the amount of money you will earn in the beginning and you will be forced to throw the towel in for either a fear of going bankrupt or from stress of not knowing what to do!

You see, the problem with a course is the fact that you need to either write REALLY good detailed notes when you’re there OR have an amazing memory or ability to absorb a lot of information in a short space of time.

Also you’ll need to be sure that your course teacher isn’t on commission to sell as much equipment to you such as key cutting machines, key programmers and car opening tools.

Luckily for you – there is a solution to this problem.

Let me first introduce myself..

I’m Alex and I’ve been a locksmith for 15 years or more now. I am also an auto locksmith and I have put together an online course that will teach you the following:

  • EXACTLY what equipment you need and how to start off on a smaller budget so you won’t invest too much at the beginning which means you will be in profit within the first year and your company will just grow from there.
  • How to set your vehicle up so that you can run the machines from the back and also protect it from thieves which means you won’t be paranoid about someone breaking into your van at night.
  • How to market yourself so that you get a constant stream of customers which means you will firstly get to practice as much as possible which means you will improve your skills faster and secondly you will be earning plenty of ££ to recoup your investment – this part alone is worth the price of the course.
  • What to focus your attention on – I will show you where ALL the money is in this trade so you won’t waste your time on jobs that are not profitable which means you can complete the least amount of jobs for the most amount of money.
  • I’ll also show you everything you need to know to get started from choosing your equipment to picking your first vehicle lock, from programming and cutting car keys and tips on what you need to keep in stock which means you won’t invest money in things that will just collect dust in the back of your van!
  • If this is not enough – I give you a full business course for FREE – included in the Auto Locksmith Course Online package so you can set your very own business up from home which means you don’t have to go out and look for employment as you will be your own boss operating as a sole trader or limited company!
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Locksmithing secrets offers a complete online auto locksmith course from picking your very fist car lock to cutting and programming remote keys.

You will also get full access to the business course which will show you how to set up your own locksmith business from home in as little as 19 days!

Here are just a few things to bear in mind when you are looking to take an auto locksmith course or become an auto locksmith:

auto locksmith course

Auto Locksmith Jobs

There are very few auto locksmith jobs available due to the fact that most auto locksmiths have taken a course themselves and are operating as a one man band.

You may be able to find employment with the AA but most of the time you will need experience or to have at least attended an auo locksmith course and gained some experience working out on the road.

The best way to become an auto locksmith is to take a course either in person or through an online auto locksmith course so you can begin training at home to become a locksmith.

Locksmithing secrets offers a great starter course from choosing what auto locksmith tools you need, setting up your website to picking your first car lock and offering a lost car key replacement service to the public.

That brings us on to the next section.

Auto Locksmith Tools

The initial investment to set up as an auto locksmith can be expensive, especially if you are not sure about what equipment is needed.

Often you will end up buying tools that are either out-dated or can only service a small area of the market. Locksmithing Secrets Online Auto Locksmith Course reveals what tools are really needed and where to purchase them at the best prices. 

Make sure you do lots of research before you invest as many auto locksmiths go out of business within the first year of starting!

Auto Locksmith Course Price

If you attend an in-person course you may be expected to pay upwards of £2,500 for an intensive course. You will also be required to travel to the course center which may not be local to you so you will need to also allow for hotel costs, time off of your current job and food and travel expenses.

If you take the online auto locksmith course your investment will be just £153.00 or $197.00 if you are paying in dollars.

The most important thing to becoming a master auto locksmith is PRACTICE!

You will be required to practice, practice and practice more to get proficient at picking locks and learning the technical aspects of cutting and programming keys.

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Becoming an auto locksmith is a very rewarding career. The first 12 months will be a lot of learning and scooping back your initial investment in auto locksmith tools and equipment but once you have experience and you are operating in profit the rewards can be huge.

You can charge around £200 – £300 per lost car key so you really only need to do one job per day to make a decent living.

If you want to learn more about the online auto locksmith course, please check out this link to register your interest:

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We will direct you to the enrollment page where you will see a FREE training video on how to become an auto locksmith.  If you have any questions fee free to contact us.


Locksmith Coventry

locksmith Coventry

I recently had the pleasure of training a good friend of mine, Dan and he is now the proud owner of his very own locksmith business in Coventry!

We met about 10 years ago through another mate of mine and he always said he loved the idea of being a locksmith so he reached out to me recently and I was happy to train him. He wasn’t very imaginative with the name of Dans Locksmith Coventry but I must admit it’s an easy name to remember and for sure it will stick when people get to know him as he really is a nice guy with a great personality.

If you know anyone in the Coventry area who is looking for a reliable locksmith for all of the usual, key cutting, lock opening, car key replacement – Dan Is THE Man! You can check his website out here:

At the moment his locksmith business in Coventry is mobile but I believe he plans to open a locksmith shop in Coventry and go all out! To check out just some of the locksmith Coventry services he offers, visit his website and have a look!

The thing that will get him far is his outstanding customer service skills and the fact that he is totally clear about his locksmith prices in Coventry.

Thanks for reading guys and catch up again soon!

Anti Snap Locks

Lock snapping is becoming more and more common at the moment all around Brighton, Hove and East Sussex and it is the main method used for a big percentage of of burglary call-outs I attend.

The bare facts are that the standard 5 pin Euro Cylinder found in most upvc and composite doors has a very weak point that can be snapped open in 10 seconds!

Most locks on the market that claim to be anti-snap don’t even work! So you could invest in one of these so called anti-snap locks only to find out it’s making the job of a thief even easier.

Lock Snapping originated up north around 2011 and worked its way down to the South coast, including Brighton as a big target. I strongly believe that this has happened as the media has made the public aware of this problem – unfortunately, criminals are also within the public and have watched the same documentary on lock snapping or seen something on the news! This has highlighted the weakness and they have taken the opportunity to try this out.

Check out this News clip about lock snapping:

Locksmith Business For Sale

I am offering an exciting new opportunity for anyone who is looking to start a new business and become a mobile locksmith working from home.

If you have an interest in Locksmithing and have been considering a training course or an apprenticeship then this could be the perfect opportunity.

I am offering a complete business package with a van, tools and one on one training.

Below is a brief description of the offer and what you will be getting.

  • 1 x Month of One To One Training

You will be come out on the road with me as I attend jobs in the Brighton area, also I will be training you ‘on the bench’ how to pick locks, fit locks from scratch, service, repair and the theory side of things.

I will also be coaching you on becoming a locksmith including the business side of things, help setting your business up and gaining work. Here we will start building your business from the ground up, setting the foundation for your business to give you a good start.

You will benefit from one on one coaching and will attend real life jobs and deal with real customers, this is something you might not gain from a 3 day course.

I cannot offer accommodation so you will be required to either commute to Brighton daily or stay at one of the cheap BnB’s here or Airbnb may be cheaper.

  • 1 x 2014 Ford Transit Custom Van:

(The van has the following features)

Full Service History – No Faults
1 x year MOT
High Security Deadlocks on both rear and side doors
High Security Pick resistant drivers door lock
2 x remote keys
2 x High Security keys for the deadlocks

  • All Tools Required To Run a Domestic Locksmith Business:

These tools will all be brand new from my supplier. It will include lock picks, bypass tools, and all of the hand tools needed.

I have been working as a locksmith for 15 years and I will provide you with brand new versions of everything that I currently use, all that is needed to run a business and complete domestic locksmith jobs.

(Please note: this offer is not for an Auto locksmith business but you would be more than able to add this to your business at a later date)

  • A done for you website:

I can create a wordpress website with a domain address of your choice, your company name or your personal name and teach you how to get found on google and rank your website to the first page.

You will be responsible for the upkeep of the website and I will show you how to make updates such as news posts and adding new photos etc.

I cannot guarantee page 1 results as this takes up to 6 months and depends on the competition in your area.

Please get in touch only if you are interested in this offer and think that locksmithing is a good career for you.

Locksmithing is a skilled profession and requires a lot of practice to get good so do not expect that you will learn absolutely everything in the months training but I will offer you ongoing support after the initial month.

If you are keen to get a certificate or licence (not currently required in the UK) I will be giving you tips on what exam to attend and train you on what you will need to do to pass as I have passed this exam myself.

You may be required to offer a 24 hour service so this could effect your other commitments.

I would prefer if you are not based in Brighton so I will more than likely choose someone who is not too local as I do not want to create more competition in my area but will consider if you are going to target your advertising in another town in Sussex or beyond.

Initially we would meet for a chat and if you wanted to go ahead, I would require a 50% deposit to start the training and the remaining 50% at the end of the training, at this point, the keys to the van will be handed over and you will be a new business owner!

The price for everything is £20,000

Email to arrange a meeting.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Locksmith Brighton Prices

Locksmith Brighton Prices

locksmith brighton prices

Keep Reading To Find Out Our Locksmith Brighton Prices!

Locked Out? Need Some Advice Or Need Your Locks Changed As Soon As Possible?

Call Our Expert Locksmith Now:

Office: 01273 921027
Mobile: 07817170327

How Much Do Brighton Locksmiths Charge?

Locksmith Brighton Prices vary between companies. Our advice is to avoid national companies who appear to be local but are just call centers based in the north somewhere! Try to use local locksmiths Like Us!

Need Some Advice Or Need Your Locks Changed As Soon As Possible?

Call Our Expert Locksmith Now:

Office: 01273 921027
Mobile: 07817170327

Locksmith Brighton Prices should reflect that of the quality of the work carried out. The City Locksmith Brighton are members of The Master Locksmiths Association and are CRB checked and recommended by Sussex Police.

Our locksmith Brighton prices are very competitive and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work so please consider your options if you are quoted any lower than our prices below as you may be getting an unqualified or even worse – untrustworthy locksmith to deal with your lock and key issues.

Our solid advice (without trying to send you to another company!) is to call at least 5 local locksmiths in Brighton and get a quote for the job over the phone from each locksmith. If you get an offer that sounds too cheap then there will be a reason for that! If you get a quote that seems very expensive – it’s more than likely a call center who have added there commission for taking the call and subcontracting it to another locksmith! Pick one around the middle that seems fair. If you see this logo below on the website – that is a very good sign.

Our Locksmith Brighton Prices:

Monday – Friday – 9am -5pm = £65.00 (no vat)

Monday – Friday 5pm – 12am – £75.00 (no vat)

Saturday & Sunday – 9am – 12am – £75.00 (no vat)

All days 12am – 9am – £105.00 (no vat)

Security Surveys – FREE!

Locked Out? Need Some Advice Or Need Your Locks Changed As Soon As Possible?

Call Our Expert Locksmith Now:

Office: 01273 921027
Mobile: 07817170327





Lost Key Emergency Brighton

Lost Key Emergency Brighton

Need Some Advice Or Need Your Locks Changed As Soon As Possible?

Call Our Expert Locksmith Now:

Office: 01273 921027
Mobile: 07817170327


lost key emergency brighton


If you have lost your keys in Brighton – DO NOT PANIC!

The City Locksmith Brighton have are experts and resolving lost key emergencies in Brighton for over 16 years.

If you have lost your keys close to your home, we recommend changing your locks to your home as it will give you peace of mind and it is only a small investment. If you live in a flat and have lost a key to your common entrance door, please contact your landlord or estate agents and managing agents as soon as possible.

Lost Car Key in Brighton Also?

Do not worry – When you lose your car keys, you will not have to change the locks to your car!

When we program new keys to the car it will automatically lock the original keys out so that if someone did try to start your car with the key, it will not start.


Need Some Advice Or Need Your Locks Changed As Soon As Possible?

Call Our Expert Locksmith Now:

Office: 01273 921027
Mobile: 07817170327


The main thing to do when you lose your keys is not panic and call The City Locksmith In Brighton as soon as possible. We will then resolve your lost key emergency in Brighton the same day.


Lock Change Brighton

Lock Change Brighton

lock change brighton

Need Some Advice Or Need Your Locks Changed in Brighton As Soon As Possible?

Call Our Expert Locksmith Now:

Office: 01273 921027
Mobile: 07817170327


Do you need your locks changed in Brighton?

Maybe you have lost some keys or you know that someone has a key who shouldn’t have?

Put your mind at rest and change your locks with The City Locksmith Brighton.

There are many options when it comes to a lock change in Brighton. Firstly you should establish your type of door. Is it a wooden door or a UPVC door? Once you have this info just give us a call and we can go through some price options with you.

You may want to upgrade your locks to British standard locks or an anti-snap lock but we can advise on this when we visit you or over the phone when possible. If you have a wooden door, you should have at least one British standard lock installed on the door. This could be a high security night-latch or a 5 lever deadlock. If you have a UPVC door, you should have a British standard Euro cylinder installed.

Some lock change Brighton jobs:

  • All UPVC Euro Cylinders changed In Brighton – We can change standard euro cylinders to upgraded high security cylinders or change euro cylinders from key use both side to a thumb turn use on the inside. This is required now for fire safety.
  • All Mortice Locks Changed In Brighton – We have a wide range of mortice locks from standard 3 lever internal locks to British standard high security 5 lever deadlocks. Our engineers carry stock on the vans so we are able to change any lock on the same visit.
  • Yale Cylinders changed in Brighton – If you have lost a key and want to make sure no one can get in if they find them, the cheapest and quickest option is to change the Yale cylinder lock. This will ensure you peace of mind at a low cost.
  • Complete security upgrade in Brighton – This option will ‘burglar proof’ your door. We will require a survey (free) of your property and we will advise you on upgrading your locks.


Need Some Advice Or Need Your Locks Changed As Soon As Possible?

Call Our Expert Locksmith Now:

Office: 01273 921027
Mobile: 07817170327