CCTV Signs

Did you know that displaying a CCTV sign will decrease the risk of burglary?

For the sake of a few pounds or dollars, it really is worth the investment.

Amazon stock a wide range of signs that can easily be fixed to your wall using screws or adhesive.

We recommend that you display it clearly in front of your property where it can be seen from the street or at least in a location where there is some light on the sign so that it can easily be seen before a break-in attempt is made.

The sizes you require will depend on the size of your property and depend on the distance from the street to the property and visiblity.

Amazon also stock fluorescent or glow in the dark CCTV signage.

cctv signs
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Protect Your Property With Quality CCTV Signs.

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If you’re looking for high quality CCTV signs to protect your home, you can display some of these signs around your home, business or car park.

We recommend that you don’t rely on CCTV signs only, you should invest in some cameras to back up your claims!

Even dummy cameras are better than none and of course, displaying CCTV signs is better than nothing but you will get the most peace of mind with a real camera system.

You can also buy dummy cameras from Amazon or even wireless CCTV that doesn’t require an engineer to fit it!

The good news is with the advancements in technology, you can even view your cameras at home on your mobile phone using a simple app.

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When you display a CCTV sign it gives the impression that your property is protected by closed circuit television cameras.

The idea is that the unwanted intruder would be put off by the idea of entering your property or causing damage to a vehicle.

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