Anti Snap Locks

Lock snapping is becoming more and more common at the moment all around Brighton, Hove and East Sussex and it is the main method used for a big percentage of of burglary call-outs I attend.

The bare facts are that the standard 5 pin Euro Cylinder found in most upvc and composite doors has a very weak point that can be snapped open in 10 seconds!

Most locks on the market that claim to be anti-snap don’t even work! So you could invest in one of these so called anti-snap locks only to find out it’s making the job of a thief even easier.

Lock Snapping originated up north around 2011 and worked its way down to the South coast, including Brighton as a big target. I strongly believe that this has happened as the media has made the public aware of this problem Рunfortunately, criminals are also within the public and have watched the same documentary on lock snapping or seen something on the news! This has highlighted the weakness and they have taken the opportunity to try this out.

Check out this News clip about lock snapping:

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