24 Hour Locksmith Brighton


24 Hour Locksmith Brighton

AW Master Locksmiths pride ourselves on being one of the few truly 24 hour locksmith companies in Brighton.

Many companies will advertise that they are 24 hours but call them at 1am and they do not answer the phone!
Here at Emergency Locksmith Brighton – AW Master Locksmiths we have a team of engineers based in Brighton so if one locksmith is not working the nightshift – another one will be on standby!

Any ‘out of hours’ jobs will be charged at a slightly higher rate and this will be the case for all locksmith companies.

Below is our working hours and costs so you know what to expect when you are given a quote from us.

24 hour locksmith prices In Brighton:


PLEASE NOTE 95% Of our Emergency Jobs are completed within the hour!

Please also be aware that if you are LOCKED OUT IN BRIGHTON & HOVE between 12am and 9am – Sometimes we are required to drill your locks – this could disturb your neighbours if you are living in a block of flats – you may not be too popular the next day! If you have another place to stay until the morning then it could save you money and will not wake your neighbours. Why not call us and book the job in for the following morning?

Need to Contact a 24 Hour Locksmith in Brighton?

Call our specialist locksmith team on: 07817 170327