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Brighton UPVC Door Specialist

Emergency Locksmith Brighton – AW Master Locksmiths have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to detecting and rectifying a UPVC door (plastic door) problem.

From a simple change of a Euro Cylinder to re-hanging doors that have dropped or become difficult to close, Alex will quickly diagnose the problem and give you advice accordingly.

Below is some simple advice and information that you may find useful if you are experiencing problems with your UPVC door in Brighton or the surrounding areas.

Firstly if you have lost your keys to your UPVC door and you don’t have a spare, unfortunately you will not be able to remove the lock and change yourself without specialist locksmith tools. This is due to the cam in the centre of the lock preventing you from sliding the lock out. Only when the correct key is inserted may you remove the lock. If you are in this situation ie; – you are not locked out but would like to change the lock just give us a call today on; 07984 338624

Multipoint locking systems are installed in all uPVC doors and comprise of a ‘gearbox’ in the centre where the handles and keyhole are situated and along the whole edge of the door you will usually find a metal strip with 2 – 5 ‘hooks’ or ‘mushroom rollers’ sometimes it is a simple case of adjusting the keeps or strikes accordingly to line up with these moving parts. If you are experiencing trouble turning the key or the key is stiff when turning it may be that your door requires a new Euro Profile Cylinder. There are over 35 different size Euro Profile Cylinders, some equal in size and some are offset. We carry a full stock at Emergency Locksmith Brighton – AW Master Locksmiths so we are always able to change your lock on site if it is this problem.


Many double glazing companies who may have initially fitted your windows and doors will often inform you that you need a brand new replacement door, this can set you back anywhere from £500 – £1500! If you are not under guarantee I would suggest contacting your local locksmith as the job may only cost a fraction of the price of a new door.


If you simply want to change the lock on your UPVC door for example, a spare key has gone missing or you have just moved into the property, then you would only need the Euro Profile Cylinder changing – (this is the part the key goes into, usually below the handles).

Our Euro Profile Cylinders range from £15 – £70 depending on the level of security you require (+ the labour cost for us to come out and do the job).

If the problem is your Multipoint locking system (the metal strip along the edge of the door) this can be more problematic and slightly more expensive as they are often not possible to repair once they become faulty. Please Note – we do not carry a full stock of these and they are usually ordered specially from a local manufacture but can be fitted by the following day.

UPVC Locksmith Brighton Prices

For replacement faulty UPVC Multipoint locking systems you can expect to pay anywhere from £60 – £250 (+ the labour for us to come out and do the job)

In some cases you will need both parts replacing and often new handles are recommended to give your new lock a longer life.

I hope we have helped in this article! If you would like us to come out and give you a free survey on your UPVC door just give us a call today or email us with your request and we will be in touch!