Securing your home this Christmas

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Did you know that in the UK there is a 50% increase in house burglaries during November and December?

AW Master Locksmiths not only rescue customers who have been unfortunate to have locked themselves out but we also like to advise people on keeping unwanted intruders out of their homes. We aim to be the go-to place for Brighton and Hove residents who are looking for security advice, questions about certain locks, insurance standards etc
Should you want a free security survey by one of our expert locksmiths, be sure to get in touch by clicking here and filling in our contact form.
What will happen during a free security survey?
Just book an appointment with one of our expert locksmiths in Brighton and they will assess the security of your home including front and rear doors and access to windows. They will also advise if your locks are up to insurance standards! This could save you money should something happen and it’s always good to know you have the best quality locks on your doors. If any of your locks do not meet the standards required we will offer you a 100% free no obligation quote in replacing locks or adding further security such as a peep hole, door chain, extra sliding bolts, dummy cameras, CCTV, further window locks, bolting down your safe, securing sheds and garages more efficiently etc
 If you are just looking for some top advice about how to keep your home secure this Christmas – we have packed this blog post with useful information that we hope you will benefit from and share with your neighbors, friends and family. Father Christmas is the only intruder you want this year!
Here are our TOP 10 TIPS for keeping you, your family and your possessions secure this Christmas;
1; Start by just looking at the exterior of your home. Are there any broken windows? do you have a flat roof that is next to a window that could be easily accessed by an intruder? Make sure you have no tools in your garden such as spades that could be used to prize open windows or ladders that could be used to climb into bedroom windows etc
2; Next step is to check the locks, do you have a night latch and a deadlock? Does the deadlock have a British Standard kite mark on the face plate? For UPVC doors, is the euro cylinder correctly fitted and if flush with your door handle? You do not want the cylinder protruding more than 5mm as this makes it possible for ‘lock snapping’ if you are unsure about any of this, please contact us and we will happily come out to your property in Brighton or Hove and carry out a simple survey.
3;Most burglaries are from opportunist thieves who enter your home because a window or door is open – this sounds obvious but NEVER leave windows and doors unsecured, also consider leaving a light on when you are out to give the impression that people are in. If going away on holiday, you could purchase a timer plug that will turn your lights on and off at the times you set.
4; Consider investing in sensor lights to the front and rear of your property, this will deter any potential thieves from snooping around your property.
5; If you have a security gate to your drive way that requires a code then now is the time to change the code! Maybe it hasn’t been changed in a number of years and people may know the code, it may only take 5 minutes to change it but could save you a lot of grief! Same for any office locks that require a code or an alarm system. Try to change these on at least a yearly basis.
6; If you have windows that are out of sight from the rest of the street for example around the side of your house, consider getting some security bars across the windows, not all of them are ugly now and some can look quite stylish, anyway if its on a window that is hidden then it is well worth doing!
7; Do you have a safe? Where is it? could it be more hidden for example under the floorboards, under the stairs, in a cupboard etc also is it properly bolted down? If not just get in touch, we charge just £55 to bolt your safe down using special expanding bolts that would take a JCB to rip out of the concrete!
8; Consider add-ons to your current security such as a door chain, a door viewer, sliding bolts, on UPVC doors you can add sash jammers to the top and bottom of the door. Windows could be fitted out with sash stops, or restriction locks.
9; KEYS!! Who else has copies? previous tenants? old friends that are no longer friends?! previous partners that left on bad terms – stay one step ahead and get all your locks changed, you could also invest in locks that have a restricted key that cannot be duplicated without your permission. This way you have control of the amount of keys that are being cut to your house. This is becoming more popular and we have many happy customers who now have a patented key. Another thing to consider is where the keys are left when you are at home… are they hanging up near the front door or on a side board close to the front door in the hallway? Remember you have a big hole in your front door called a letter box – people can ‘fish’ out your keys using a coat hanger or something similar.
10; Always use an MLA (Master Locksmiths Association) approved locksmith. We are proud members of the MLA and the reason for this is due to the fact that we are regularly checked by the criminal records bureau, our skill levels are up to standards and we are up to date on the latest technology. For more info on the MLA, please visit the website at;
If you have any questions or would like to book a free security survey in Brighton, Hove and surrounding areas, we would be delighted to hear from you! Just call us now on; 07817 170327
Remember – Stay safe!