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If you are a van owner in Sussex and have not yet invested in the best van security locks, you are next on the list for a gang of thieves who are targeting tradesmen’s vans to steal the tools. This sort of criminal activity has been on the rise over the last few years and now anyone who owns a van or is planning to buy one is advised to invest in van door deadlocks such as the images below.


Our office here at The City Locksmith Brighton has been inundated with calls from unfortunate victims to say they have had their van broken into and they have had their expensive tools stolen from them. For this reason we have stepped up our operations and have hired a van security lock expert in Brighton to fit van door deadlocks and other van security products in Sussex. 
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Below is a recent article from the Argus Newspaper warning people of this rise in van thefts in Sussex.
“POLICE are linking a string of thefts which have stripped tradesmen of thousands of pounds worth of tools.


Vans have been targeted across Brighton and Hove in the past month, with thieves clearing them out and damaging the vehicles in the process.

Across the city in October, 29 incidents of vans being broken into were reported to police and the pattern has continued into November.

Most recently, roofer Darren Page was targeted.

The owner of D Page Roofing has been leaving his van at one of his employee’s houses in Hollingbury Rise, Hollingdean, because he has an injury and is unable to drive.

He was told yesterday morning by the worker that thieves had broken into the van and stolen his tools.

Mr Page, 36, said: “I’ve missed out on £150 and my two laborers have lost £100 each.

“I didn’t take my tools indoors because you just don’t think it’s going to happen.

“I’m going to keep all of the vans parked outside my house at weekends now. It’s happening everywhere.”

Patcham has been the hot spot in the crime spree. Of the 29 thefts reported last month, 16 were carried out there.

Yesterday we reported a tradesman had £6,000 worth of tools stolen from his van in Vale Avenue on Sunday evening – the second time he was targeted in two weeks.

There have been 21 thefts in the area in a two-week period. Between November 6 and 7, five more were reported. Police have now sent more officers to the area.

Sergeant James Ward said: “We have seen an increase in theft from vans in the Patcham area, 21 in the past two weeks with 16 committed overnight between October 25 and 26 and overnight between October 28 and 29 and a further five offences between November 6 and 7.

“We are linking all of them and are investigating them as a series. We have increased our patrols in the area.”

There are many ways to protect your van, our team here at The City Locksmith Brighton have expertise when it comes to fitting the highest quality secure van locks, slam locks, van door deadlocks and handle protection. We can also replace your original door locks with non pick-able, high security cylinders to prevent anyone with picking knowledge to enter the vehicle.

Please get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team at The City Locksmith Brighton and we will make it our mission to protect your belongings from this crime.
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