UPVC Door Handles

upvc door handles

UPVC door handles come in many shapes and sizes and colors!

This helpful guide will show you how to measure your handles so you can order the right ones online.

The first thing you should note is these 3 things:

1: Overall Size Of UPVC Door Handles

2: Distance Between The Center Of Screw Holes

3: Distance Between The Center Of The Lock Hole & The Spindle Hole

Please carefully study this diagram of a UPVC handle.

Use a tape measure or long ruler to establish the distances between points 1, 2 and 3.

This is a very simple process but you must first remove the UPVC door handle from the door.

You can do this by simply unscrewing the 2 screws that fix the handle to the door.

Next, simply hold the handle in one hand and measure with the other or place the handle on a flat surface where it can be easily measured.

Using a pen and paper, just simple make a note of pints 1, 3 and 3.

Now you must decide on the color or finish of the UPVC Handle.

Try to match it with the one you are replacing or check what door furniture you have and match it with that.

Usually UPVC Door Handles come in 5 finishes.

1: White

2: Brown

3: Brushed Chrome

4: Polished Chrome

5: Black

upvc door handles colors

How To Order UPVC Door Handles

You can check your local hardware store by taking your notes into the store and explaining what color you want.

You could also try searching on Amazon as they have a huge stock of handles to choose from at very competitive prices.

We recommend that you replace your handles every 5 years as the spindle point tends to wear and there is a risk that it could come off in your hand leaving you locked out on a rainy day.

If you would like one of our expert locksmiths assist you in fitting your UPVC Door Handles then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can contact us and we will be happy to help!