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Invictus S2 4K Insurace Approved Digital Combination Safe

This beautiful combination safe is perfect for every home or office that requires you to store a maximum of £4,000 in cash or £40,000 in valuables.

  • Approved by home insurance brokers in the UK
  • Keyless entry – no need to carry large keys
  • Can be bolted to the floor or wall
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External Depth300mm, 350mm
External Height220mm, 350mm, 550mm
External Width350mm, 450mm
Inside Depth190mm, 240mm
Inside Height140mm, 270mm, 470mm
Inside Width270mm, 365mm
Cash Rating£4,000 (£40,000 Valuables)
Conforms To Standard 1EN14450-S2
Conforms To Standard 2AiS Approved
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The City Locksmith Brighton offer many different services and dealing with home and office safes in Brighton is one of their main specialties.

If you need a safe for your home or office, The City Locksmith Brighton can advise on the correct cash rating you need for your money, documents or valuables.

Not all circumstances are the same and many people require their safe to be installed in the floor or even in the wall or a small cupboard. Below are just a few services we can provide to help you with your safes.

Home and Office Safes Brighton

We can order any safe for you through our suppliers and have it delivered the next day for you, please search our suppliers Locks Online for a full list of home and office safes Brighton.

Safe Installation Brighton

The City Locksmith Brighton have many years experience when it comes to safe installation in Brighton and will ensure that you have a very strong fixing either to the floor or wall or preferably both. With our expanding bolts you will be ensured of the strongest possible fixing and all of our safes are insurance rated so please check your cash rating before you store valuables.

Safe Opening Brighton

If you have locked your home and office safe in Brighton and you have either lost the keys, forgotten the combination or the safe simply won’t open due to a mechanical or electrical fault then do not panic! Call The City Locksmith Brighton today and we will be sure to attend your home and office safes Brighton job as quickly as possible.

Moving Safes Brighton

If you are moving home or relocating your business you may want to take your home or office safe with you. Please do not attempt to do this yourself as home and office safes can weigh up to half a ton and you could cause you or your employees an injury. Call the City Locksmith Brighton today and we will attend your safe Brighton job and arrange to get it moved.

Safe Maintenance Brighton

Just like any mechanical thing with moving parts, safes need some tender loving care too! A regular service and clean will keep your home or office safe working nicely and save you calling an emergency locksmith in Brighton!