How To Recondition Batteries

how to recondition batteries

How to recondition batteries commonly known as Bringing dead batteries back to life, is a great skill to have. But in all honesty, it is not one that very many people utilise. You see, by being able to restore batteries, you’ll be able to save the trouble of having to buy replacements, thus, in turn, saving yourself plenty of cash! Not only that, but it is an environmentally friendly process too, as you are halting the process of creating new batteries, using up further resources, not to mention cutting down on pollution, all through the act of re-using your existing batteries.

So how does someone go about the art of battery restoring? Well, we will be explaining how you can get into DIY battery restoration yourself in this article.

Once you know what you are doing and have the required items, you’ll be able to know how to recondition batteries with no problems. This means you can set about battery reconditioning, learn how to recondition rechargeable batteries, recondition lead-acid batteries, or you may choose acid battery reconditioning, forklift battery reconditioning and even car or laptop batteries to be brought back to life.

You can also recondition any 12v batteries.

how to recondition batteries
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The options are vast.

Wondering how to recondition batteries at home? It is recommended you find yourself a good, in-depth guide. Seeing examples of someone reconditioning a battery can be a helpful way to learn, and having the process explained clearly and simply is the best way. After all, it is important to make sure you are confident in the technique before having a go yourself as it could be dangerous if done wrong!

how to recondition batteries
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Remember, battery reconditioning chemicals are required in the process, and like with any use of chemicals you must be careful. The good thing is that the required chemical is usually just a common household chemical such as Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts).

Now the required chemicals, and indeed other items, needed for restoring a battery will vary, so you need to learn what is needed for each battery, and stock up on it. Nothing required is widely expensive, and will more than likely be something you have at home anyway, hence why it is such a money-saving winner.

Not just a money saver, it could also potentially be a money earner! If you manage to master battery restoration you could even start up a battery reconditioning business!

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The thing is many people do not realise how to recondition batteries, so the idea would not have even crossed their minds that it is a potential business opportunity. Typically, people throw their old batteries away then just purchase new ones-they could be purchasing your reconditioned batteries!

The great trick that will entice consumers to buy is the fact that you can sell your reconditioned battery for a fair bit cheaper then they would expect to pay for a brand new one. This is because you can source free batteries which are old, and recondition them, there are no costs to you for this action, therefore you can afford to sell the batteries at a cut price. Other then the business essentials, you should only need to be paying for the tools and materials needed for the battery restoration processes.

Another superb reason to consider learning to recondition old batteries is regarding the event of an emergency. Say you experience a power shortage, well if you are able to recondition some batteries to use in your essential appliances, it’ll be a massive help, right? What about if someone’s wheelchair battery ran out? Think what a great help it would be to be able to restore that battery for the wheelchair’s user.

Furthermore, it is worth remembering that the time stated a battery should last, is usually just an approximate figure, batteries often run out before that time. Whilst some manufacturers will provide a guarantee for a battery (mostly just with watches) this is not very common, so if your battery runs out sooner then it should of, there is not really much you can do other then go ahead and purchase a new battery. Unless you recondition!

how to recondition batteries

Now, after all of the above, do not be put off learning how to recondition batteries and think that it is too hard, or not worth the effort, It is actually quite an easy process once you have learned the skill. If you use a good guide, such as our one, you can be set up in no time. With EZ Battery Reconditioning you’ll get a clear, simple step by step guide which will explain all you need to know. You’ll wonder why you didn’t start restoring batteries sooner, but you’ll be glad you when you are!