Auto Locksmith Course

auto locksmith course

Looking for an Auto locksmith course that you can study from home?

Locksmithing secrets offers a complete online auto locksmith course from picking your very fist car lock to cutting and programming remote keys.

You will also get full access to the business course which will show you how to set up your own locksmith business from home in as little as 19 days!

Here are just a few things to bear in mind when you are looking to take an auto locksmith course or become an auto locksmith:

auto locksmith course

Auto Locksmith Jobs

There are very few auto locksmith jobs available due to the fact that most auto locksmiths have taken a course themselves and are operating as a one man band.

You may be able to find employment with the AA but most of the time you will need experience or to have at least attended an auo locksmith course and gained some experience working out on the road.

The best way to become an auto locksmith is to take a course either in person or through an online auto locksmith course so you can begin training at home to become a locksmith.

Locksmithing secrets offers a great starter course from choosing what auto locksmith tools you need, setting up your website to picking your first car lock and offering a lost car key replacement service to the public.

That brings us on to the next section.

Auto Locksmith Tools

The initial investment to set up as an auto locksmith can be expensive, especially if you are not sure about what equipment is needed.

Often you will end up buying tools that are either out-dated or can only service a small area of the market. Locksmithing Secrets Online Auto Locksmith Course reveals what tools are really needed and where to purchase them at the best prices. 

Make sure you do lots of research before you invest as many auto locksmiths go out of business within the first year of starting!

Auto Locksmith Course Price

If you attend an in-person course you may be expected to pay upwards of £2,500 for an intensive course. You will also be required to travel to the course center which may not be local to you so you will need to also allow for hotel costs, time off of your current job and food and travel expenses.

If you take the online auto locksmith course your investment will be just £153.00 or $197.00 if you are paying in dollars.

The most important thing to becoming a master auto locksmith is PRACTICE!

You will be required to practice, practice and practice more to get proficient at picking locks and learning the technical aspects of cutting and programming keys.


Becoming an auto locksmith is a very rewarding career. The first 2 years will be a lot of learning and scooping back your initial investment in auto locksmith tools and equipment but once you have experience and you are operating in profit the rewards can be huge.

You can charge around £200 – £300 per lost car key so you really only need to do one job per day to make a decent living.

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